How to avoid jealousy between siblings

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jealousy How to avoid jealousy between siblings. Jealousy siblings is very normal, and usually specifically involves the eldest of the family, which at one time was the "only child" and now have to share space with another brother. Before I was to him all the attention of parents, grandparents, uncles and now divided. Jealousy arise are all fighting between brothers. Fights often reflect disputes arising disguised as love and affection of parents. tantrums are often made to attract the attention of parents, very jealous and unhappy with their living situation.

It is common to express all the anger at having to share it with anger and rebellion against parents. For all of this is the best for avoid envy you and it happens all the weaknesses, the most advisable is to create a bond between brothers. The task is not easy for parents, but had to struggle every day to achieve harmony and a happy life. It is important to understand the jealousy that bad completed can trigger the problem of temperament in children. At that time, we see that the jealousy scene of the most visible and often repeated, is the time to give consideration to not have a sequel. Parents can take a certain attitude that children can successfully cope with jealousy and does not interfere with family relationships. The first thing parents should do is to listen, pay attention to what children say and from that tries to understand and know what they are feeling. Parents need to know respect their time and provide security and confidence to express what we feel to them with words. Another thing The important thing is to respect and appreciate differences in teaching and prevent comparisons between siblings, be careful to give equal treatment to both.


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